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This page is of little value. A few interesting points could be lifted from here and the rest gone. It has no links in or out, commits the fallacy of confusing publication date with internally consistent "historical order" (which the real entry The Chronicles of Narnia does not do), and is basically boring. May 02 Ortolan88

Why would Lewis be writing about children evacuated from London in 1939, a year before the Germans started bombing? When did the evacuation actually begin? And why is all of this non-Magicians Nephew stuff on this page at all. --rmhermen

What the hell is is this? Some type of primary text? Can somebody who knows something about this make an article out of the data dump and delete everythins else -- maybe providing an external link to the primary source text. --maveric149

It looks like jacket blurbs for all the Narnia books to me... Looking more closely at my copies of the books, some of these are the first paragraph or so of text from the book - I thought they looked familiar! I don't know what the rest are, presumably jacket blurbs. Aren't they copyrighted anyway? KJ

The link on the main The Chronicles of Narnia page is The Magician's Nephew -- it seems we're now using apostrophes in titles. This article & this talk page therefore need a name change. -- tarquin

No it doesn't - this page has NOTHING to do with the book The Magician's Nephew... except for the tiny little paragraph blurb for it. I'm really not sure why the blurbs were put here. They need to be deleted and replaced with actual articles under each book title, and this should be a redirect. ~ KJ

Seems to be writing & publication dates, then a clip from each book: I've just checekd the Magician's Nephew bit is from p12 of my old Puffin books edition. The stuff about drafts and prior versions might be worth preserving, but on the general Narnia page. -- tarquin